Clinic Tour

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Welcome to City Pets Veterinary Clinic!

Front Lobby

There is plenty of room to sit and enjoy the sunshine in our front lobby.

Front Lobby

Our clinic cat Sid likes to hang out in the lobby so that he can welcome visitors when they arrive.

Front Desk

Sid helping out at the front desk

Front Desk

Paul, one of our Veterinary Assistants, working at the front desk.

Veterinary Products

A variety of Veterinary prescription diets and other pet products are available in our front lobby.

Exam Rooms

Four exam rooms are just down the hall past the front desk.

Exam Rooms

One of the four exam rooms.

Treatment Area

The treatment room and boarding area of our clinic are just beyond the four exam rooms.


Part of the surgical suite.


The pharmacy and lab area.


The x-ray room.


Our digital x-ray machine offers many benefits.


Sid, our clinic cat, relaxing in the back treatment area.

Staff Break Room

Our kitchen and staff break area.